All of our services are available à la carte or as packages, depending on each author or organization’s needs


These services are available for individual writers with full book projects, or churches/ministries/organizations looking for help with Bible studies, curriculums, newsletters, blog posts, bulletins, or other print or web copy.

For full book projects, please note that each of the types of editing listed below are separate steps and are distinct from each other, as each focuses on different literary aspects. It is very important for the end result of your book that each round of editing be given due diligence—whether Aletheia Press is the one to help you with that or not. In other words, don’t skimp on any of the editing steps to try to save time or money, even if you are a great writer. The full editing process is as important to your end product as the writing was itself, and even the best writers and editors still need their work thoroughly edited by other editors.


What it is: With a Manuscript Evaluation, one of our editors will provide you with an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, via a written report which includes recommendations on how to improve the manuscript in structural, stylistic, and grammatical aspects.

If accepted, you will submit your manuscript, one of our editors will do a careful and critical read-through, and then will provide you with an Editorial Memo that contains a written list of actionable steps you can take to improve your manuscript.

This is for you if: You’ve finished your first draft and want to know how it can be improved (and keep in mind, every draft, even those written by the most experienced and gifted authors, can be improved). This will also benefit you if you aren’t sure what level of editing you need. If you aren’t ready to commit to the time and cost of a full editing process yet, but still want to develop your manuscript, a Manuscript Evaluation (also called an ‘Editorial Evaluation’ or ‘Manuscript Assessment’) will help you.


What it is: A round of editing that focuses on big picture elements and reshapes your book in order to maximize the structure, organization, and flow of your content. A developmental edit ensures that your content is organized in the best way, your message is focused, you have a consistent tone, and that your book is written for a clearly defined audience. It ensures the manuscript has the right number of chapters, that the chapters and paragraphs occur in the right order, that there are no places in the book where the pacing lags, there are no holes in the information being presented, etc.

We will do an initial round of edits in which we will return your manuscript to you with detailed editorial comments, mark-ups, and suggestions at the concept level. As opposed to a Manuscript Evaluation, this is much more detailed and thorough and includes mark-ups throughout your entire manuscript.

This is for you if: You’ve put all of your thoughts and ideas on paper, but you aren’t sure how to structure your book, how to organize the content, or how to group it into chapters. Or, this is for you if you have tried to structure the development of your ideas, but need some help.


What it is: A unique—but very critical—round of editing that occurs in between the Development Edit and the Copyedit that brings the manuscript to a more professional level. This is a line-by-line stylistic edit that seeks to enhance prose by improving clarity and fixing errors while remaining true to the author’s unique voice. This level of editing is more in-depth than a copyedit (which only ensures proper use of mechanics like spelling, grammar, and punctuation).

Line Editing focuses on the way you use language to communicate to your readers and ensures precise word choice and concise syntax in order to help bridge the gap between the author’s intent and the reader’s understanding.  It improves clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness.

This is for you if: Your manuscript is structurally and developmentally sound (your comfortable with the overall order and flow of content), and now you’re ready to make sure that it reads well—that there aren’t any sentences or paragraphs that are clunky, confusing, or hard to read. 


What it is: This round of editing is equally important as the rest and is a word-by-word mechanical edit (as opposed to a line-by-line stylistic edit of the Line Edit). The goal of the Copyedit is to fix flaws at the technical level and to ensure that what you’ve written meets industry standards (the standard for most non-fiction, which we follow, is the Chicago Manual of Style). 

With a Copyedit, you can expect to receive back a marked-up manuscript that corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax and ensures the correct use of hyphenations, capitalizations, numerals, etc.

This is for you if: Your manuscript is almost ready to be published but just needs a final polishing first! (Again, we can’t stress this enough, you need this. Don’t skip it. Don’t try to do it yourself. These are the steps that set apart excellent from average works.)


What it is: Our proofreading happens after our manuscripts have been typeset. A final copy of the fully formatted manuscript (or proof) is thoroughly examined by a professional proofreader to correct awkward word or page breaks or to be the final net to catch any last grammatical errors before printing.

Think of this as the “Quality Assurance” part of the process!

This is for you if: If you are self-publishing. If you are instead trying to go the traditional publishing route and want our help to prepare your manuscript to shop around to literary agents or traditional publishers, then you don’t need this step.


What it is: Somebody else takes your message and your ideas and puts them into words on the page! You are still the author, the ghostwriter is the conduit. If you have a stack of articles, blog posts, sermons, or journal entries…or if you have hours of recorded audio of teaching or preaching messages that you want to turn into a book, we can do that for you.

Even if you don’t have any written or audio material, that’s okay. We can still ghostwrite a book for you through verbal interviews—we will have a conversation with you about what you want to communicate (and as many follow-up conversations as are needed), and then we will write for you!

This is for you if: If you have the substance and premise for a great book, but you just don’t have the time or talent to actually write it. If you’re not a computer person and know that hurdle would keep you from ever bringing your book to life, or if you prefer to speak your content and let someone else finesse it onto the page, this is for you.

“My job is to lay my hands on that piece of writing and make it … better. Cleaner. Clearer. More efficient. Not to rewrite it … but to burnish and polish it and make it the best possible version of itself that it can be.”

– Benjamin Dreyer (a Random House copy chief) in his book Dreyer’s English



Once the content of a manuscript is finalized and has been thoroughly edited, these are the steps that follow. We are able to provide these services individually, or grouped together, depending on what each project requires.


What it is: Also known as typesetting, formatting, page design, or book page composition.

This is the part of the process that includes carefully setting and tweaking all the elements that make the page of a book look like the page of a book: font type, font size, margins, gutters, line spacing, paragraph spacing, widows and orphans, hyphens, tight and loose lines, page number placement, quote boxes, and so much more.  

When this is handled skillfully and with attention to detail, it provides a unique and aesthetically pleasing book that can even enhance the readability and ease of comprehension of your content. 


While the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” may apply metaphorically to other things, unfortunately, it’s just a fact that readers do judge books by their covers. When a reader is perusing possible books to read—whether on the shelves of a local bookstore or in the ethers of Kindle—it takes just fractions of a second for them to decide to pick up a book (or click on a title) for more info, and seconds more for them to decide if they want to invest the time and money to purchase and read it…or if they’ll set it down (or click the return arrow) and continue browsing other titles.

In other words, an outstanding cover is essential to your book’s success.

Based on a review of your manuscript and genre, our designer will work with you to develop and refine a cover concept until you are satisfied.

Our Cover Design goes beyond the front cover, and includes spine, back cover design and copy, ISBN, and barcode placement.


What it is: The 13-digit numerical code that serves as an internationally recognizable unique identifier for your book. It captures and ties important information together, like publisher, title, author, edition, etc. It ensures when somebody is searching for your book that they find the right one! Bookstores, online retailers, distributors, and wholesalers depend on this number to track purchases and sales, and if you plan to sell your book at all, you need one.

This identifier gets embedded into an industry-standard barcode, along with price, and should go on the back cover of every book.



We take your book and convert to file types required by hosts of eBooks (like Amazon KDP and Apple Books for example). This service includes ensuring your book appears seamless in eBook readers.  


Digital audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment in publishing, with more listeners migrating to prefer audio formats every year. We work with experienced producers and sound engineers to record, edit, produce and host your book on select audiobook platforms. 


Both our Marketing & Distribution Services are available as one-time transactions (you hire us to give you what you need, and then you take it from there), or as ongoing support for an additional fee (we have a more hands on role with marketing efforts and we host and maintain your book on all of the different distribution platforms for you). 



If you’ve got a Word document with a message you feel called to share with the world and you need help with everything necessary to take it from this point until you have the physical copy in your hands that you’re able to distribute to your readers, this is the option for you. The Full-Service Package includes all of the services listed below. (The time and costs associated with the editing process are variable and highly dependent on the quality of the writing.)


We also help growing churches/ministries/non-profits with regular communications: newsletters, blog posts, pamphlets, website copy, etc. Reach out to let us know what you need and we can see how we can be of service! 

Are you ready to bring your book to life?