Why should I choose Aletheia Press?

There are so many options available to authors. Our authors choose to work with us because they trust us. We are transparent about our motives (mission over profit), and our team is both experienced and gifted. Authors also choose to work with us because we share a common goal—to bring important and timely messages to the Body of Christ through the written word—and/or because they recognize our calling.

If we choose to work with you in any capacity, it’s because we believe in your work…and then we’re basically committed to helping you and your message in any way we possibly can (even if that means that you don’t publish with us). We’ll be very honest with you about what your options are, and we will freely share our knowledge and expertise with you. If we believe your book has the potential to be picked up by a major publishing house, we’ll be your biggest proponent and friend in helping make that happen. Again, we are mission-driven, not profit-driven. We know you wrote your book to have maximum impact, and if we can help that happen even by pointing you in another direction, we’ll do so.

What is the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing?

We have a blog post that answers this question and shares some of the pros and cons of each. You can read more by clicking here. 

What if I choose to try to the traditional publishing route...can Aletheia Press still help me?

Yes! We have worked with multiple authors who desire to go the traditional publishing route, and we help them get their manuscripts in tip-top shape to submit to literary agents and traditional publishers, and then even walk them through that process. We help prepare those authors for what to expect, what questions to be prepared to answer, and how to present themselves and their work in a way that will come across as experienced rather than amateurish.

Am I going to make a lot of money from self-publishing my book?

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I help lead a church/ministry/organization that's looking for copyediting help with materials other than books. Can Aletheia Press help us?

Yes! In addition to working on full book projects, we also help growing non-profits and organizations with production and/or copyediting of communications and marketing materials.

I have an idea for a book and am not really sure where to start. Or, I've started a book but am feeling stuck and just need some help finishing. Can Aletheia Press help me?

Yes! We know that there are many hurdles that can stand in the way from authors starting and finishing their books. We recently read a statistic that 80% of people “have a book in them”. 

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