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Helping bring important and timely messages to life through the written word

Your Message.   Our Help.

We specialize in serving authors in the editing and production of excellent quality content, including self-published Christian non-fiction books, Bible studies, curriculum, cookbooks, and children’s books.

We also serve growing organizations in content writing & copyediting of marketing campaigns and materials, website copy, newsletters, blog posts, and more.


Professional Book Editing

Including as much or as little as each project needs: developmental editing, line editing, or just basic proofreading.

Interior & Cover Design

We work with talented designers to give your book a professional look suited to genre-standards, both inside and out.

eBook & Audiobook Conversion Services

We can do everything necessary to make your print book available as an eBook and/or an Audiobook on all respective platforms.

Customizable & Full-Package Services

All of our services are available à la carte or as packages, depending on each author or organization’s needs.

Excellent Quality

Don’t let a substandard literary or production quality interfere with the weight of your ideas. We can help you maintain the integrity of your message with the utmost professionalism and excellence.

Marketing Support

Author website, branded social media graphics, press release, and more…we can design and provide you with the tools you need to spread the word about your book.

From idea, draft, or finished manuscript to market…

We work hard to meet each of our author’s and organization’s unique needs and can do as much or as little needed to make your idea, draft, or completed manuscript ready for your readers and for market.

Aletheia Press is a team of experienced self-publishing professionals that are ready to help bring your ideas and words to life.

We help authors bridge the gap between the quality of the traditional publishing industry (which is nearly impossible to enter into) and the freedom of self-publishing in order to quickly get you professional quality books that are ready to put in the hands of your readers!

If all you have is an urgent and timely message that you are passionate about, but you know you will never sit down and type it out, we can even help you overcome that hurdle with our ghostwriting services.

Sometimes I write About Writing

There’s Room for Your Voice

The written word is: Powerful.   What would your life be like if you had never had access to any of the influential books that have impacted and transformed you? What knowledge and revelation would you be missing out on? Ancient. The written word is the medium God...